Museo del Puro Palmero

You will be taken on a journey of discovery. This is a story of passion and controversy that covers the socioeconomic history of the famous Palmeran cigar – a symbol of the island – and its associated magic and legends.

This journey, starting in the distant past and running up to the present day, will unveil the mysteries of the tobacco cultivation and cigar production on the island.

Pay us a visit and out the secrets of tobacco, from its mythical origins to its dissemination throughout the world; from its use by ancient cultures to its discovery by the Western world and subsequent expansion across Europe. Discover how tobacco became socially embedded and how its use evolved. Learn about the science behind its production and handling, and, most importantly, about its links to La Palma and the town of Breña Alta.

The Museum shows the socioeconomics of La Palma. You will be made familiar with the most significant events in the island’s history: from the emigration of the island’s people to the establishment of monocultures such as vineyards, sugar and banana plantations, and the production of cochineal dye.